An Earlier Kenwood

Earlier Farm

There were undoubtedly earlier houses on the site of Kenwood and a home farm that supported the household. There were also neighbouring farms.
In 1660 it belonged to John Bill of the City of London and is decribed as: ‘… set out as a capital messuage of brick wood and plaster, eight cottages, a farmhouse and windmill, fishponds etc. Mr Bill states that he had formed a place he could live in with comfort and surrounded 25 acres with a brick wall….. In 1685 Lady Diana Bill surrendered for £6,000 to her son her rights in Canewood viz. a ‘capital messuage at Canewood and a farmhouse called Little CaneWood…’.
Survey of London, vol XVI1, Village of Highgate,  pp114-132. (1936)
London Metropolitan Archive




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